• There are 20 ballot drop boxes throughout Douglas County.

As the Nov. 3 election approaches, Douglas County government is working to ensure all registered voters are ready to cast their ballots, which will be sent out in the mail beginning Oct. 9.

Colorado Community Media has a compiled a list of important points to know about the upcoming election, using information provided by the county.

1. Check voter status, update address

Wondering if your mailing address and other registration information is up-to-date? Residents can register, update their mailing address and check their voter status at DouglasVotes.com.

2. Signatures will be compared

The signature provided on ballots will be cross-checked against past signatures of the voter to confirm the validity of the vote. That includes signatures on voter registration forms, drivers licenses and past ballots.

3. You can track your ballot

After submitting their ballot, residents can track their vote through its process until it has been received by the county. Residents can get notifications through a phone call, text message or email. Voters can visit douglas.ballottrax.net/voter to sign up.

4. How to vote

Residents can drop off their completed ballot in any one of 20 ballot boxes throughout the county. Those locations are available at DouglasVotes.com.

While more than 80% of Douglas County voters drop off their ballots in these locations, residents also have the option to mail their ballots or vote in person. Voter service and polling centers will be open at several locations in the county but some in-person voting may be limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents with questions on these locations can call 303-660-7444 before visiting. 

5. An important date

Ballots must be received by 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 3, no matter how they are delivered. Mail that is postmarked by this time but not received will not be counted.

6. Safety first

Colorado has used all-mail ballot elections since 2013 and “is regarded as a national model for elections integrity, security and high voter turnout,” according to a news release from Douglas County.

While the paper ballot system used in Colorado can be slower, it’s much more secure than electronic voting systems, said Merlin Klotz, Republican clerk and recorder for the county, during the 2019 election.

Additional information is available at DouglasVotes.com.