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School in the time of COVID

I’m a junior at Littleton High School, and I’m in the International Baccalaureate program. School is difficult right now — we’re doing the hybrid model, so we only see each teacher maybe once a week, and they throw a lot of work at us.

Everyone is farther apart. They let us use outdoor classrooms, and we can take our face masks off, which is nice.

We started the year late, but we still have the same curriculum to go through. It’s kind of rushed. If you get behind in one class, it snowballs, and you’re behind in everything else.

‘The atmosphere is sadder’

The atmosphere is a little sadder. They split up kids by last name, so if you have a friend whose last name is in the other half of the alphabet, you don’t see them much.

Teachers are encouraged to go paperless, but some of them are just paper-and-pencil types. In chemistry and math class, it’s just easier to write things down than to do online assignments.

Online days are really confusing. Some teachers are great and put up all your work, but others are really disorganized. But you get to sleep in, and you have your own schedule.

My social life has declined, but I still find opportunities to meet up with people outside.

‘It’s just not the same’

I’m a tennis player and swimmer. Tennis season got canceled last year, but I have gotten to swim. I’m hoping that starts up again soon.

I work one day a week, busing tables at Nono’s Cafe. We’re only allowed to seat half capacity. We still get busy, but it’s just not the same.

Not being able to socialize, especially because I’m a very interactive and outgoing person, it’s taking a toll mentally. You’re by yourself all day, or with your family — and your family can get pretty annoying. I love them, but after spending this much time together, they get on my nerves.

My best friend is in the other half of the alphabet, so we don’t see each other much. We compromise by getting lunch together.

I want this to end so badly. I want school to go back to normal. It’s just a matter of waiting, I suppose.

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