Support LPS Ballot Measure 4C

Saving lives, extending opportunities, and creating meaningful relationships all describe Options Secondary; however, over the years, shortfalls of $156 million in state level financing to LPS has created a negative impact. As a result, 4C may be the most important school funding measure in our community.

As a current teacher at Options Secondary, I value this school and the meaningful relationships I have developed over the last 18 years. I have taught only at Options and would not want to be anywhere else. For many students, coming to Options allows them to find a “home” where they find success. Here, they meet adults who listen and provide support; students actively participate in their own education. They create opportunities they never knew existed. In fact, when I read the comments on a petition — “Keep Options High School Open!!!” — I understand how important Options has become to people in the community. Several people stated that Options literally SAVED their lives. One cannot get a better testimony than that. Watching the work on our campus further supports the testimony of these former students.

Eliminating Options would have a ripple effect on the most vulnerable students. LPS states they support 100% of students and that “all means all.” Without Options this would no longer be true. We need the support of the community on 4C to ensure that we continue to be available to save lives, extend opportunities, and help create meaningful relationships for years to come.

Carol Motley

Highlands Ranch