Back Biden and Hickenlooper

As a native born Coloradan and veteran with a graduate degree in history, now in my 70s, there are a couple points I feel must be made. Sen. Cory Gardner’s unprincipled decision to support President Trump’s nomination to immediately fill the Supreme Court vacancy created by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg with under two months until the election should concern us all. Four years ago, Gardner supported blocking President Obama’s nomination because it was during an election year. The current reversal of principle for a political power grab is bad enough but Gardner announced, without even knowing who the nominee is, that he will vote to confirm. Gardner is rubber stamping Trump’s decision.

My other concern is that it is not far-fetched to imagine Trump nominating a candidate so extreme as to be of concern to even solid principled conservative Colorado voters. Trump’s reputation for fact checked lies, disinformation and dishonesty are well known. But now he has attacked a duly elected member of Congress, Rep. Omar of Minnesota, insinuating she is not an American and is otherwise deficient while cheering and encouraging violence against opponents.

Voters should read the history of Germany from 1930 through 1939 before casting their ballot. It can happen here too. Even if you feel you have to hold your nose, voters should vote for Biden and Hickenlooper this time. Remember, in authoritarian systems citizens have only the rights the strongman lets them have, including to vote, own property, travel and on and on.

Dwight Roinestad

Highlands Ranch