Dear editor:

    Cory Gardner appears in his latest ad sporting an adorable blue-checked shirtand declaring we need to clean up the corrupt mess. I agree. John Hickenlooper is the clear, sane choice to move Colorado and our nation into a brighter future.

    I have written Sen. Gardner several thoughtful letters over the last few

years, always reminding him of his oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Gardner failed to uphold his oath, resulting in economic woe, unprecedented corruption, and death.

    Gardner replied by general form letter often months after the hot issue died down. His answers insult my intelligence as he tries to defend the indefensible. He never admitted to mistakes which have resulted in several


    Gardner hitched himself to the Trump Wormwood star in silence as Trump misappropriated tax dollars from the military, ordered military planes to Scotland to enrich his resort, then calls our soldiers, airmen, and generals “suckers, losers and babies.”

     In contrast, Hickenlooper has consistently treated people with respect. He created a strong economy while working within the strictures of Colorado’s budgetary principles when he was governor. Hickenlooper gave his salary for his work as governor back to the state. I never worried about our governance

under his leadership. Unlike Gardner, Hickenlooper takes responsibility for

his actions.

    Gardner remains enthralled to the Trump administration which boosted several

convicted felons. Read the full indictments of Flynn and Manafort to see these men sold out our country for money.

    Please vote early.


Karla Schorzman