I really appreciate all that Senator Cory Gardner has done for Colorado. We should reward him with another term in the Senate. Gardner’s most-recent accomplishment is the bipartisan Great American Outdoors Act, the best conservation legislation in decades. Said Sen. Gardner, “It’s not paid for by taxpayers. It’s actually funded by offshore oil and gas revenues. And it’s a way to catch up with the maintenance needs at our national parks.”
There has been a land and water conservation fund, but Congress has used that money for other purposes over the years. “There’s never any money in it,” Gardner said.
The act may create over 100,000 jobs for rebuilding campgrounds and facilities, according to Gardner. “And so this is an economic relief package at a time when we need it, particularly, in those areas that had their ski areas shut down early.”
The Senator imagined that the act might also provide relief for private landowners who want help with an issue of some kind.
Another good thing Senator Gardner has accomplished recently occurred early during the 2020 pandemic response. Through his connections in South Korea, he secured 100,000 testing kits for Colorado. His relationship with President Trump yielded 100 ventilators for the state. Now he’s urging review of the response.
Senator Gardner is a family man and a good citizen of Colorado. He will represent the state well in the coming years. I recommend a second term for Senator Cory Gardner.
C.S. Boddie,
South Jeffco