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Skaters of all ages gathered at the Redstone Skate Park in Highlands Ranch on Sept. 25 to try out new tricks, polish old ones and meet fellow skaters.

It’s this time of year, when the temperature begins to cool, that Cody Heggemeier, 17, enjoys skating the most, he said.

Heggemeier, a Lone Tree resident, takes a 45-minute bus to the park every Friday, he said.

“I started seriously gettting into (skating) in March because it was something I could go out and do,” he said.

Heggemeier struck up conversation with a new friend, Mason Brady. The park is a good place to meet people and learn new tricks from each other, Brady said.

“Most people here are willing to teach you a skill if you ask,” Brady, 17, said. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

On Friday, Heggemeier finally decided to try a new trick – a board slide – that had been intimidating him for months.

“It’s really intimidating to try something new because when you fall, you fall pretty good,” he said. “With enough courage… you stop caring. If you fall, you fall.”

Both Heggemeier and Brady like to encourage new people to come check out the park, which is located on West Town Center Drive near the Highlands Ranch Golf Club.

“I like to see people who are just now learning,” Heggemeier said. “It’s nice to help them out.”