Wilson gives to community

This November we will vote for leaders at the most local levels all the way to our nation’s highest office. We hear a lot about races at the national level, but how many of us really know what our county leaders do? They often make decisions that have more impact on our lives than the decision makers in Washington.

For example, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners manages a budget of nearly a half billion tax dollars. They oversee economic development, transportation, land use, public safety, and health services. In times of crisis, like the pandemic we’re living through now, they make decisions that affect our health and economic welfare. This race is one to which we should all pay attention.

I have known one of the candidates, Darien Wilson, for five years. I’ve watched her work tirelessly and passionately for her family, small business, local schools, and our community. She has volunteered thousands of hours in support of public education. In only one example, as our schools faced years of continued budget shortfall, Darien worked tirelessly to help voters understand and pass 5A/5B, which is why our schools are now able to afford badly needed security and building improvements. When someone needs help, Darien is the first to raise her hand. When faced with problems, Darien brings solutions. And she does so with facts, an ear for listening, and integrity.

I am thrilled to cast my vote for Darien Wilson and I hope you will join me.

Kelly Mayr

Highlands Ranch