Vote yes on Amendment B

When your ballot arrives in the coming weeks, there’s one statewide issue that merits an immediate yes vote. Vote yes on Amendment B, and make an affirmative step to make local government more effective and strengthen financial stability. You can truck down your ballot and perhaps add a no to many of the other issues, involving wolves, gaming and marijuana, but Amendment B is a policy question that will truly make a difference in how government serves its citizens.

Amendment B is the bipartisan effort from the Legislature to repeal the Gallagher Amendment, the archaic formula that forces local governments, special districts especially, to make unrealistic and narrow budgeting decisions, and crushes small businesses with a tax rate that’s more than four times than what’s assessed to homeowners.

Amendment B is on the ballot because legislators and business and nonprofit leaders have recognized that the Gallagher Amendment has so outlived its usefulness that it can’t remain in the Constitution. It has long ceased to be relevant in guiding local government policy.

A yes vote is a solution that makes sense for homeowners, local businesses, and the people who protect our communities and is why our Littleton community needs to support Amendment B.

Pete Webb