Dear editor:
Brian Mason, a candidate for District Attorney in Judicial District 17 (Adams/Broomfield), states, that if elected, he will make community safety his No. 1 priority by focusing on our most dangerous offenders of violent crimes. He is committed to protecting and fighting for victims and pursuing justice with integrity. His motto is, “Do the Right
Thing. At All Times. In Every Case. No Matter What.”
I want a district attorney with those convictions. I also want a district attorney committed to preventing crime and reducing recidivism. Brian lists his priorities for decreasing crime through education and treatment.
In a 2017 Adams County report, 33 percent of those admitted to jail had not completed high school. Research from The Center for American Progress reports that individuals who do not complete high school were rearrested at
the rate of 60 percent. The highest jail admissions by age group was 21-24, and 61 percent were either unemployed or unskilled laborers.
Brian Mason understands that investing in public education and training for our youth will lead to fewer arrests, incarcerations, and recidivism rates. Brian Mason lists treatment as another one of his top priorities for
preventing crimes. In a 2019 Needs Assessment Study for Adams County, data show that the majority of the arrests were for alcohol and drug abuse crimes. The study also revealed that inmates with mental health issues have been increasing for decades. For non-violent offenders, Brian is committed to expanding diversion and mental health programs, and specialty courts such as drug court and veterans court.
With 14 years of experience in Adams County as deputy district attorney and now chief trial deputy, it is time to elect Brian Mason as our next district attorney for the 17th Judicial District.
Brian Mason will lead with integrity. He deserves our vote in November.
Judith Solano