Joe Webb

Ballots will be mailed out from Oct. 9 to Oct. 16 for the 2020 general election. If you are a registered voter, then you will receive a mail-in ballot.

It’s important to do what is necessary to turn them in before Election Day. Locations to return your ballot in drop boxes will be included with the ballot you receive from the Clerk and Recorder.

As a former county Republican chairman, I, of course, encourage you to vote for every Republican nominee on the ballot. President Trump deserves reelection because he has handled so many crises thrown at him incredibly well.

Sen. Gardner deserves reelection because of his singular bipartisan focus on helping Coloradans. Charlie Winn will be a better voice for Colorado in the U.S. House than Joe Neguse.

Libby Szabo is the experienced commissioner that Jeffco needs. She deserves reelection. Libby needs someone to rely upon to help with the hard work; that’s why you should vote for Joni Inman for county commissioner.

Matt Durkin will continue doing his best to keep Jefferson County safe, which is why I am voting for Matt for district attorney.

Bob Hennessey is a true public servant who wants to make Jeffco better. Bob has my vote for county surveyor.

If you are upset with Jared Polis and his actions as governor, I can think of no better way to hold him accountable than to vote for Republicans. Colin Larson from House District 22 is a seasoned legislator now. He needs to be joined in the Colorado House by Don Rosier, who is an experienced public servant seeking to represent House District 25.

There will be 11 issues and initiatives on the fall ballot this year for Colorado voters to consider. Here’s how I recommend voting on many of them.

On Amendment 76, vote yes to change the constitution of Colorado to say that “only a citizen” of the United States can vote. On Amendment B, vote no so that the Gallagher Amendment can be kept. Property taxes need to have the possibility of decreasing rather than eliminated.

Proposition 113 prevents Colorado from entering the National Popular Vote compact. Vote no on Proposition 113 to keep the winner of Colorado’s popular votes for president to also win the Electoral College votes for president. This is important for Colorado voters — both Republican and Democrat — to have their voices respected regarding their choice for president.

Proposition 114 would reintroduce gray wolves into Colorado. Vote no on 114 because I cannot think of a better way to harm Colorado farmers or taxpayers. Reintroducing gray wolves is overreach by our state government.

Vote yes on Prop 115, which bans abortions after 22 weeks in Colorado. Prematurely born children are kept alive by hospitals right now. If hospitals think they are viable, then so should Colorado law.

Vote yes on Prop 116, which reduces state income taxes from 4.63 to 4.55 percent because you need to keep more of your money.

Vote yes on Prop 117, which requires voter approval for new state enterprises that generate fees of over $100 million. Voting yes will move the authority for new government endeavors to the people from the legislature.

Vote no on Prop 118, which would implement paid family and medical leave via premiums paid by both employees and employers. Passage of Prop 118 would make the cost of doing business in Colorado rise above current levels.

One last point. There is another recall petition against Gov. Polis circulating. The proper ordering of priorities matter for conservative activists in Jefferson County.

The 2020 election should be front and center for everyone who is upset about the policies out of Polis and Denver. If you work on the recall petition first instead of the 2020 election, you will hamper both the recall and conservative efforts in 2020. First things first. Work for all 2020 candidates and then the recall.