Parker’s busiest streets are getting safer for pedestrians.

Two construction projects are underway in Parker to improve pedestrian travel.

Come the end of this year, residents can use a new crossing beacon, which will serve a soft-surface trail intersecting Jordan Road. Beginning Sept. 28, construction will begin on a new sidewalk along the south side of Lincoln Avenue from Chambers Road to Keystone Boulevard.

The Town of Parker is constructing the crossing beacon. Douglas County is in charge of the sidewalk project.

Parker area trail users will soon be able to use a new “hybrid pedestrian beacon” to help people traveling on the Cottonwood-area soft-surface trails cross Jordan Road, according to a Sept. 4 news release. The trails feed into the Cherry Creek Trail to the east.

The beacon will be located north of Cottonwood Drive between Sandreed Circle and Apache Plume Drive. 

Parker Town Council awarded a contract July 20 to construct the beacon.

The beacon signalization will include a crosswalk, overhead yellow and red beacon lights and walk signals.

These types of beacons are somewhat new to the Denver metro area, according to town officials, but have been introduced in other states over the past decade. It is anticipated that work will begin this fall, and the beacon is expected to be operational by the end of the year. 

To view a video from Fort Collins that shows how these pedestrian hybrid beacons work, visit For more information on this project, call 303-840-9546 or visit

The Lincoln Avenue sidewalk project is expected to be finished by the end of October, according to Douglas County officials. The new sidewalk will provide a pedestrian link between local businesses east of Keystone Boulevard and the Stonegate and Sierra Ridge neighborhoods in northeast Douglas County.

No contractor has been announced yet.