A mountain lion in the Upper Bear Creek-Witter Gulch has killed two cats and attacked a dog, Colorado Parks & Wildlife reported via Twitter on Tuesday. The agency recommends that west Evergreen residents do not let their animals roam, especially at night.

Considering that parts of Jefferson and Clear Creek counties are considered mountain lion habitat, residents are encouraged to make lots of noise at dusk and dawn, install outside lighting, and place livestock in sheds or barns overnight, according to CPW.

While it’s rare for a mountain lion to attack a human, CPW said people should stay calm, back away slowly, and do what they can to make themselves appear larger, such as raising their arms if they encounter one. If the animal acts aggressively, people should throw stones, sticks or anything nearby, and generally fight back if attacked.

To report a mountain lion sighting, contact CPW during business hours at 303-291-7227. To report an encounter or an attack, call the local sheriff’s office.