The current Douglas County commissioners are putting national politics over the community interests. For the good of our community, we need to make a change in leadership.

At the beginning of July, the Tri-County Health Department issued a mask mandate to all residents of Douglas County. I imagine they were looking at evidence like a study by Goldman Sachs ( that found that when a mandate was in place, people were healthier and the economy benefited.

So why are commissioners proposing to set up a new health department in the middle of a pandemic? This would cost taxpayers three times more money, according to the county’s own analysis in 2004, Westword reported.

I am not in favor of volunteering tax dollars in a political fight to hurt the local community and economy. We need leaders who put the community over politics. I would put Darien Wilson forward to your readers as someone who does just that.

Douglas County really hit the jackpot with Darien as candidate for commissioner. I find that she is smart, kind, energetic, and engaging. She’s been a successful small business owner for two decades and she’s a mom. She’s clearly looking for ways to keep our health-care costs low and has a personal stake in ensuring that our economy keeps on ticking.

I hope other CCM readers will join me in supporting Darien. We need to put politics aside and rebuild, and I trust Darien to help us do that.

Adrienne Heller,

Highlands Ranch