As hot and dry conditions persist in some parts of the state, Centennial Water and Sanitation District is asking residents to keep an eye on how much water they’re using as seasonal budget decreases begin.

Each year around this time, the amount of water budgeted to each home begins to scale back, said Stephanie Stanley, finance director for the district.

“We don’t want people to water unnecessarily,” she said.

This year, Centennial Water is seeing many residents continue to use the same amount of water they would in June or July, causing them to be bumped into the next pay bracket, Stanley said. In part, that’s because of the season’s mostly hot and dry conditions. The budget scales back at the same time every year, regardless of weather conditions.

“Sometimes customers forget that the budget dials down,” Stanley said. “We’re hoping to reach out to those customers and remind them that their budgets are decreasing and they should adjust irrigation systems to reflect that.”

Another possible reason for many customers continuing to use high volumes of water is that they’re home more often due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conservation is an important issue for all Coloradans to think about, district spokesperson Sherry Eppers said.

“We live in a semi-arid climate, the water supply is finite,” she said. “This has been an issue in Colorado since it was settled.”