You would think someone appointed to the state legislature would be gracious and eager to learn what’s important to everyone in their district. In the case of Richard Champion, you would be wrong.

Immediately after being chosen by his party (to represent House District 38), Champion dropped any pretense about starting his legislative career as an open-minded, bipartisan representative of all the people he serves. Champion told the Independent (Feb. 10, 2020) that he “can’t wait to start going after the bad guys in November.” Apparently, Champion’s “bad guys” include essential workers keeping our state running and front-line health-care professionals risking their lives.

Champion voted against giving housing assistance to those affected by COVID-19 (HB20-1410). He voted against a loan program and tax credits to help small businesses weather the pandemic (HB20-1413). And he voted against helping essential workers pay their utility bills (HB20-1412). These measures weren’t handouts. They were about having the backs of the men and women fighting COVID-19.

If you wonder why politics are polarizing, look no further than Richard Champion, who divides his constituents into good and bad. Fortunately, House District 38 voters have a great alternative this fall — David Ortiz. David fought for us in Afghanistan, where he survived a helicopter crash that left him partially paralyzed. He’s advocated for his fellow veterans at the State Capitol. And as our state representative, David will have our backs, too.

I know both candidates — and I’m supporting David Ortiz. Because he will represent all of us.

Blair Johnson