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A former mayor of Parker has bowed out of the running for one of three Town Council seats.

David Casiano, mayor of Parker from 2004 to 2012, announced his candidacy for Town Council in January, seeking to rejoin the council dais.

In explaining his decision to exit the race, Casiano stated in an Aug. 23 Facebook post he had recently “come to a crossroads in my life that will certainly take me in a different direction from being a candidate.”

Casiano said he prayed on the decision to drop out of the race. The campaign officially kicked off Aug. 24, the due date for candidates to turn in nomination petitions with at least 25 resident signatures.

Casiano warned voters of many things, including slate candidates, technology, Democrats and the fact the race is non-partisan.

“Be not afraid to ask (candidates) ‘what is their party affiliation?’” Casiano said in his Facebook post. Do not accept ‘this is a non-partisan election.’ If they don’t answer honestly or look you in the eye when answering, then sayonara.”

Casiano warned voters to beware of candidates running on similar platforms to bolster each other’s image.

“Those slate candidates serve an agenda put together by others and those agendas will not serve the town as a whole,” Casiano wrote.

Casiano also warned voters of Democrats. Casiano blamed Democratic city leaders in Aurora and Denver as the reason for the recent protests related to the deaths of Elijah McClain and George Floyd.

“Be aware of those socialists (they call themselves Democrats), who would serve a most destructive agenda,” Casiano wrote.

Finally, Casiano conceded that social media and websites were “replacing hard work,” like door-to-door knocking.

“Campaigns used to be won and worked door-to-door, hand-to-hand and heart-to-heart,” Casiano wrote. “Today, all I see are websites replacing hard work. Such is the influence of social media.”