If you oppose rezoning from Residential (R) to Planned Residential Development (PRD) (most often to high density) in Wheat Ridge , Save Our Neighborhoods, a group of residents concerned about high density rezoning, is sponsoring a referendum petition for the City Council to either repeal this rezone, or put the rezoning question to a vote of the citizens.

The rezoned property,  W. 38th Ave. and Johnson St. (9800 W. 38th Ave.) was previously zoned R-1, allowing for three single family homes. Now rezoned, the developer wants 10 single family and duplex homes there. Some of these homes will be as close as 6 ft. to each other, 25-30 ft. tall, built right up to an alley, with virtually no setbacks or yards. Other issues such as traffic, parking, and the safety of children using Discovery Park concern the neighbors.

Save Our Neighborhoods must have 2,000 signatures on the petition by Tuesday, Aug. 25. Save Our Neighborhoods has set up signature booths during certain days and times so that citizens can easily sign our petition in an outdoor space, with COVID compliant precautions in place.

Location: 38th and Pierce, NE corner

4 PM to 7 PM each evening, Tuesday 8/18 through Tuesday, 8/25

8 AM to 10 AM on Saturday, 8/22 and 10 AM to Noon on Sunday, 8/23

Or we can come to you in order for you to sign the referendum petition. Contact us at SaveOurNeighborhoods@outlook.com or call 720-725-9855

Time is short! Act now to save our neighborhoods!

Kathy Havens,

Wheat Ridge