This November, we have an opportunity to elect a highly qualified candidate to the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners. Darien Wilson is a local small business owner who will prioritize science, data and facts to restore our economy and protect our community.

If businesses are to thrive, they need to be able to stay open with safe conditions supported by county leadership. To protect our economic welfare, the BOCC should set the example and show how we can shop safely by wearing masks, keeping distant, and listening to local health officials, which raises the confidence of local consumers. Instead they have spent their time criticizing the judgment of experts because they don’t like the answers.

Recently, Darien hosted a videoconference with a local pulmonologist who shared his experiences and insights with regard to the pandemic. Darien demonstrates that she will listen to experts and smart science to make good public policy that protects our lives and jobs. She won’t use politics to attack doctors and nurses working to save lives.

Darien understands that economic prosperity and public health are inextricably linked. Her opponent is a career politician whose refusal to respect experts trying to protect our neighbors and economy during this unprecedented crisis shows she prioritizes extreme politics at our expense. Darien doesn’t just pay lip service to the importance of fiscal responsibility and the difficulty of keeping small businesses profitable. She lives it and I trust her to make the right decisions as our next County Commissioner.

Constance Ingram

Highlands Ranch