This week more than 330,000 Coloradans are put in a “terrifying” position after Senator Cory Gardner broke his promise that the Senate wouldn’t “drop the ball” and failed to extend unemployment insurance, an emergency lifeline that Colorado families have relied on to put food on the table and pay rent. Now, Gardner and Senate Republicans let emergency unemployment benefits expire that 330,000 Coloradans are relying on to put food on the table, pay rent, and care for their families. Gardner’s failure to deliver for the hundreds of thousands of Coloradans sparked two separate protests, but instead of listening to the “frightened” Coloradans, Gardner spent last week campaigning with Ivanka Trump. House Democrats passed sweeping legislation over two and a half months ago to restore funding to this vital program and support our frontline workers and hospitals, Gardner and Mitch McConnell refused to even debate the bill and now millions of Americans are left out to dry. It has been two months, two vacations, and one week of “infighting” since Gardner said it would be “unfathomable” for the Senate to leave Washington without passing further COVID relief, but Gardner folded. How can we support this Senator when he turns his back on Colorado?
Rob Eadie,