Put back ‘Stay the Course’ yard signs


As these days of the COVID-19 pandemic expand from a few weeks to maybe as much as a few years, Clear Creek County is fortunate to have a skilled, energetic emergency response, public health and information team. 

The efforts of this team over the past four months have definitely helped keep the number of cases down in the county (23 as of July 16). The team’s latest public information effort is the “Stay the Course” project, led by Chris Crouse, which is intended to inspire county citizens to continue remaining vigilant against the virus.

Placement of “Stay the Course” yard signs around the county is the major thrust of the project. Probably everyone has seen these informative, vibrant signs.

Unfortunately, we still have some Luddite-type citizens who don’t agree with taking simple actions in combating the virus — wearing masks, social distancing and hand washing. They are likely following the “the-virus-is-a-hoax,-no-need-to-wear-masks” example set by Donald Trump.

These Luddites have stolen approximately 10 “Stay the Course” signs in the Stagecoach Boulevard and Witter Gulch neighborhoods and several signs on Highway 103. They are in effect helping to spread the virus that endangers and inconveniences all citizens, maybe for several more months or years.

Sign-thieves: you know whom you are. Please put the signs back where you stole them from and smarten-up — start wearing a mask right now.

Jim Leonard