This weekend I watched with sadness as Antifa “protesters” turned on Coloradans with violence. Regular folks from around the state peacefully gathered at the sixth annual Back the Blue rally on July 19 to support our brave police officers. Then an anti-police mob marched into the middle of the event screaming curses and assaulted people, some using illegal batons.

Ordinary Coloradans are now being silenced through aggression and violence while Governor Polis and the city’s weak leadership decline to protect the rights of all. Antifa may be the radical wing of the left, but these so-called “moderate” Democrats are the ones quietly empowering them by turning a blind eye as the group uses violence and fear to intimidate their neighbors.

We cannot allow this sort of ineffective leadership to wield power in Douglas County despite well-funded efforts to get them in office.

This November, we must vote to elect Republicans who will stand for equality and tolerance, who will fight for our freedom of speech and improve our way of life, not tear it down. If we allow these “moderate” Democrat leaders into office here, their tolerance for groups like Antifa and acquiescence of political violence will mean dark days for Douglas County.

Charles Carlisle

Highlands Ranch