I am writing to express my support for the Littleton Immigration Resource Center (LIRC) and some of our disadvantaged neighbors who need the services LIRC delivers. Right now, our nation, states, towns and neighborhoods are crying out and deeply searching for ways to bring about and provide more opportunity and equality for individuals and groups in our society who are less fortunate due to many factors.

LIRC is a grassroots, proven solution and pathway that is a positive contributor already playing a role in the massive movement toward a more equitable society. I have been a volunteer citizenship tutor at LIRC since 2016. I am grateful that LIRC has given me the opportunity to work with and assist aspiring students who are striving to be complete members — through citizenship — in American society and by raising adult literacy.

I love that LIRC is a grassroots, homegrown, roll-up-your-sleeves, economical contributor to enhanced adult literacy and citizenship that is powered by its dedicated staff and volunteers and more importantly is driven by the sweat equity of men and women working to better their circumstances.

Everyone knows the unprecedented challenges the COVID pandemic has unleashed across and throughout our society and the world. Many, many hard and heartbreaking choices and decisions have been and will be made because of the pandemic. Let’s keep our eyes on the long-term prize and keep LIRC at work. If not, we are turning our back on ourselves and the future of American society.

Kip Travis