The Douglas County Commissioners’ announcement that they intend to cut ties with the Tri-County Public Health Department is way too premature. Douglas County currently benefits from collaboration with two other counties. There has been no feasibility study that would provide information on the barriers and benefits to going it alone and no data on the cost to taxpayers. The price tag in all likelihood will be substantial because we are currently sharing costs with two other counties.

Furthermore, setting a date of next July for ending the relationship is foolish without an implementation plan in place. This decision appears to be a knee-jerk reaction to pandemic policies issued by Tri-County. We elected these officials to make decisions after careful review of the facts. They haven’t done their due diligence, which should include asking for resident input on the proposal. The taxpayers of Douglas County are being cut out of the process for a very important decision. We urge the Commissioners to take a step back and do this the right way.

Patricia Nash

Judy S. Purcell

Highlands Ranch