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The launch of the new Windows 10 operating system was made an event at the Microsoft Store at Park Meadows mall in Lone Tree on July 29. In addition to giving out 1,500 free passes to see the band One Republic perform in the mall parking lot July 31, the store hosted numerous demonstrations of the product and gave away free food and prizes. “We’re just trying to get everyone to upgrade their world,” said Jessica Oleis, Microsoft community development specialist, referencing the product’s slogan. The Lone Tree store wasn’t the only one to host a star-studded event. The Santa Clara, California, store was host to NBA Finals MVP and Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala, and at the Seattle store Doug Baldwin of the Seattle Seahawks made an appearance. Windows 10 brings back some familiar functions from previous versions of the platform, such as the start button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and being able to switch back and forth between multiple desktops. The biggest new feature is the introduction of Cortana, Microsoft’s voice-activated personal assistant. Cortana can search your computer or the Web with voice commands and will follow you from your desktop or tablet to Windows Phone. “It allows you to interact on a more personal and natural level,” said Windows technician Colton Baines. “You can control her all through voice. Cortana is probably one of the first and best examples of the universal nature of being able to move from device to device.” For example, one could set a reminder through Cortana on a desktop computer in the morning. Then, later in the day when it is time for the task, Cortana will send an alert via phone. The Microsoft Store will hold special classes and workshops in the coming weeks to teach people about the new operating system and its features. People who own the previous two versions of Windows can come into the store and get help upgrading to Windows 10 for free. You can also bring in your Windows tablet or PC to a Microsoft Store for a free “upgrade assessment,” which will let you know whether your device is ready to upgrade to Windows 10.