Adams County is working on a Federal Boulevard Corridor Framework Plan targeting the area between 52nd and 72nd avenues.
Residents and business owners are invited to an open house 5-7 p.m. Tuesday, May 6, at The MAC, 3295 W. 72nd Ave. in Westminster, to share their ideas for the corridor. Adams County Planning and Development Department, along with the county’s consultant, Matrix Design Group, will host the meeting to share the initial concepts and existing conditions of the corridor.
“We’re trying to examine the area that has experienced disinvestment over the decades,” said Abel Montoya, Director of Planning and Development for Adams County.
Two FasTracks stations are planned at either end of this portion of Federal — the Federal Station at 60th Avenue and Federal and the Westminster Station at 71st Avenue and Irving Street.
“As many as 4,500 new job opportunities may be available with this revitalization for the community,” Montoya said. “The large majority of the jobs that could be created in the area would be permanent jobs.”
Other goals for Federal are improving the health and safety for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.
“Federal Boulevard does not have a very good sidewalk network today, it’s very spotty,” Montoya said.
He added that the county would like to create a sidewalk network, and potentially a bike path, that connects to adjacent trails that connect to the FasTracks stations.
“One of the things we have to tackle is the parking situation on Federal Boulevard,” he said, adding staff would have to look at parcel configurations and layout designs to see where improvements could be made.
“After we finish this phase of the framework for the project, we plan on presenting the information for consideration and hopefully adoption by the Board of County Commissioners in September,” Montoya said. “If approved, we look forward to starting the next phase in October.”
The county received a $15,000 Station Area and Urban Center Crant for the Federal Boulevard Corridor Plan by the Denver Council of Regional Governments (DRCOG).  The funding is for fiscal year 2015, and will begin October 2014.