Dan Snyder is feeling fine. He has just changed his mind and decided to give up coaching.
He wants to make sure people know that fact.
Snyder, who was a successful boys basketball coach at Arapahoe High School, recently resigned from the Warriors to take over as the coach at Grandview, in south Aurora.
However, Snyder decided last week not to take the job at Grandview, and some people are misreading his move, he said.
“Some people are interpreting this to mean that I have some health issue or some other serious issue,” Snyder said in an email. “I am getting emails/texts asking me if I am OK. I am fine. I just changed my mind. It was certainly not the smoothest move ever, but everything is OK.”
Grandview athletic director Jamie Ulitzky shared the following email he received from Snyder.
“A week ago I accepted the position of boys varsity basketball coach at Grandview High School,” wrote Snyder. “A few days later for personal reasons I decided to not take the job. My decision to decline the opportunity at Grandview is based solely on my own feelings and is not a reflection on Grandview in any way.
“I sincerely apologize to the Grandview community for any inconvenience that my decision has caused. At this time I have decided to step away from high school coaching for a while. At some point in the future I may decide to return to coaching or I will possibly pursue other endeavors.”