Jeffco Board of Education Treasurer, Jill Fellman, announced she will be seeking outside legal counsel after receiving what she believes is a legally threatening email from the board’s attorney, Brad A. Miller on Thursday, April 24.
The email was sent to Fellman and three individuals not sitting on the board. She said it stated if Fellman did not listen to Miller’s advice regarding executive sessions, she would be personally liable.
“His basic message was, if you don’t listen to me and take my advice you could be individually liable,” Fellman said. ”He said that in his email this was a privileged conversation; the privilege belongs to the client. My understanding of the law is that the minute you include anyone other than your client on the communication you’ve broken the privilege.”
The email came after Fellman voted to not go into an executive session on two matters, the 2090 Wright Street appeal and the Jefferson County Educators Association (JCEA) negotiations update following the declaration of the impasse.
”I was very mindful about what’s appropriate for executive session and what’s not,” Fellman said.”
She is currently seeking legal counsel from a third-party source after feeling inconsistency with Miller’s practices. She said she would move forward after consulting with a lawyer on the matter.