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Minutes after being sworn into office on April 15, Green Mountain Falls Mayor Lorrie Worthey and the new board set the rules. Worthey seized the moment to take control of the town with seven resolutions passed unanimously by the new trustees, Michael Butts, David Cook and Chris Quinn, and Tyler Stevens, who continues his term. (Trustee Ralph LoCascio left after the former board approved the contract to begin construction on town hall). The first resolution re-asserted the authority of the mayor. “The mayor shall be the spokesperson for the town, including authority over all public statements by volunteers, employees, and contractors regarding issues related to the town of Green Mountain Falls,” states the resolution in part. But when it came to the resolution’s granting exclusive control and authority over the meeting agenda, town attorney Matthew Krob intervened. “I will make it clear again that this was not provided to the town attorney,” he said. According to the town’s code, Krob said, the agenda is done by the clerk. “That is problematic,” Krob said. “The provisions of the code established by ordinance will not be superseded by the resolution.” The resolution said, “Whereas, over time responsibilities, duties and authorities have been delegated or assumed by others and this board of trustees wishes to re-establish the mayor of Green Mountain Falls as the leader of the board of trustees, the chief executive officer and the ceremonial figure head of the municipality,” states the resolution in part. The second resolution appoints Tim Bradley to his former position as the town’s police chief. Bradley resigned in November with a $12,000 severance package. As well, the board approved Bradley’s request last year for a service dog. The resolution authorizes Worthey to negotiate the re-hiring within the budgetary constraints of the current approved 2014 budget. A third resolution restores the system of government that has each trustee assigned as the liaison between the board and each department. In a departure from tradition, Worthey appointed Chris Frandina as the town clerk, with conditions, while removing Frandina as the town’s treasurer. For that position, Worthey appointed Michael Butts to prepare the town’s budget and to oversee all the town’s financial assets. Worthey appointed Stevens as the mayor pro tem and as the town’s representative on the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments and the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority. For all liaison positions, Worthey named herself as the alternate. Once again, Krob repeated that resolutions do not supersede ordinances. As a result, Krob was asked by the board to review the resolutions, according to protocol. After the election, trustees Howard Price announced his resignation from the board. Dave Kosley and Lori LoCascio also resigned their positions on the planning commission while Rob McArthur and his entire staff resigned April 16 — effective immediately.