Growing in popularity, obstacle mud runs offer participants the opportunity to challenge themselves physically and mentally. Now, residents in Westminster and surrounding areas will have the same chance to get down and dirty during the inaugural Hard as Nails Obstacle Mud Race on May 10.
The 5K race will start out at the Westin Westminster Hotel and will challenge participants to run, jump, crawl and pull themselves through a series of obstacles testing the endurance, strength and tenacity of people young and old.
The mud race is sponsored by Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides, the city of Westminster and the Westin Westminster Hotel. Joshua Baruch, founder of Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides, said organizing the race was somewhat of an evolution over a year-and-a-half period. He had the idea to bring the type of adventures, like team building and physical challenges, he does in his guides business to a public capacity. He partnered up with the Westin and the city and from there the Hard as Nails Obstacle Mud Race was born.
“The city of Westminster has done a tremendous job of acquiring land and open space, so this event will showcase the great amenities of the city,” he said. “The real goal is to make this a regional draw for people all over the state and even the country.”
For people who’ve never done an obstacle mud race before, Baruch said they can expect to be physically challenged, but also experience camaraderie among other participants in the race because some of the obstacles require help from others. And if one obstacle seems too difficult, Baruch said people have the choice to skip obstacles if desired.
But everyone involved will be part of supporting Westminster nonprofit Growing Home, which provides homeless prevention services, parenting and children’s programming, a food pantry and other services for people in need.
“Through this race we are able to bring awareness to Growing Home and get their name out there to the community,” he said. “And what we really want to do is donate a portion of our profits to the organization.”
Heather Hammarstrom, recreation specialist for the city of Westminster, said she heard feedback from city staff and residents about the desire to have an obstacle mud race. She’s thrilled the city is partnering with the Westin and Baruch to provide a new opportunity for residents.
“It’s a challenging course, but it’s a safe course,” she said. “People will get to enjoy our open space and the views of the mountains. Plus it’s a great spectator sport.”
The event also offers a 1K youth course for children and free childcare for the first 70 registrants. The race starts at 8:45 a.m. and will be conducted in waves. Cost is $85 per adult and $40 per child up to age 13. For more information or to register, visit