AURORA — The Colorado High School Activities Association’s Legislative Council didn’t think much of a proposal to delay the fall 5A boys state tennis tournament by one week.

It voted 62-7 to scuttle that idea during its spring meeting April 17.

The executive director of the Colorado chapter of the United States Tennis Association, Fritz Garger, said two national tournaments would keep about 28 boys tennis players away from state.

“The move would allow CHSAA to retain the highest standards in boys tennis and make the crowning of the best player mean something,” said Garger, who finished second at the state meet while a student at Golden High School. “You have the ability to impact the top players and all players. Vote for something that will be a win-win for all involved.”

“We don’t change any playoff dates for schools with IB (international baccalaureate) programs or for graduations,” said Cheri Holman of Wiley High School, the secretary-treasurer of the Arkansas Valley Activities Association. “You start opening a can of worms when you let people dictate when state championships can take place.”

“If you change the date to help one person, you don’t have any clue what happens to the 900 other kids who have plans,” CHSAA Commissioner Paul Angelico said. “I caution you.”


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