In an April 3 rebuttal to my recent letter printed March 27, I feel the point of letter was missed.

Even though parents make up the minority of voters and have direct knowledge of educational needs, the 70-percent majority may have demonstrated with their vote the outcome of recent elections. This 70-percent contains former parents, former educators, participants on various district committees and taxpayers who have gone through the educational system.

The point is rather than being a vocal minority constantly criticizing the school board, put efforts into educating the silent majority on what current parents view as best practices to educate their youth. And recognize you are in a Republican County where voting on party line is normal, just look at Congress.

If the vocal minority wants to become the majority to make change, you need to embrace the 70 percent and educate them on your viewpoint to change their perceptions. When criticized, walls develop and heels dig in not wanting to listen and you listen to only comments supporting your point of view.

We are at that point in Douglas County and breaking down that wall that has developed on both sides needs to occur. Current parents are not the only stakeholders. I am a parent as well that had a child go through public education.

Dave Usechek