Baked goods and sugar fans looking for a bakery that isn’t a chain or tucked away in a grocery store have a new sweet spot in KareBear bakery.
The bakery, 6150 W. 38th Ave., opened on April 15, but will celebrate its grand opening on May 3 and 4.
KareBear was started by Roberta Lott and Karin Murray, who met while working together at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden.
“We disdained cubicle life, and when the opportunity came around to start a business, we lept at it,” Lott said. “Karin has been a baker since she was a kid, and I’ve always wanted to run a business. We started talking about in July, and by September we were out of CSM.”
Murray described the vision she had for the bakery to be a homestyle, small-batch bakery. From cakes and cupcakes to scones and cookies.
Their signature item is the RasBerta Bar — a buttery, homemade shortbread layered with raspberry jam, and topped with granola crumble.
“We want to offer people the kinds of goods that you won’t find at chains,” Murray said. “We’re also doing breakfast goods and have an in-house bagel we’re offering.”
Currently the bakery is open Tuesday through Sunday, 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., which Lott and Murray say really caters to both Wheat Ridge’s large senior community, as well as the new, young working adults.
Along with Lott and Murray, are three part-time baristas and Donna Norbey, who brings 15 years ofexperience in the commercial baking business to KareBear.
KareBear is right next to the Lewis Fine Candies in Wheat Ridge, a partnership that is fitting given the products both create, but it also speaks to a sense of history that both Lott and Murray are interested in preseving. Lott is a Wheat Ridge native and Murray is from Golden, and want to keep the local feeling in their shop.
“We started a program called tips for teachers, where we’ll be randomly selecting Jeffco teachers to whom a portion of our monthly tips will go. The money will go to projects in the classroom,” Lott said. “We’re also working with local foodbanks on a suspended coffee program — when someone buys a cofee, they pay for the second one and then when someone less fortunate comes along, we can give it to them.”
Getting the community invested in KareBear is extremely important to both Lott and Murray.
“Everyone is welcome, and we’re very happy to be smart in how we grow our business,” Murray said. “With the community’s support we’ll be able to grow and meet their needs.”
For more information, call 720-638-3649 or visit .