A deputy was dispatched at 6 p.m. April 5 on a fraud report on the 12300 block of Antelope Lane in Parker. The reporting party works for a mortgage company and was selling a property on Antelope Lane. The house was currently under contract and was to be sold, but he began receiving emails from people inquiring about viewing the residence. He had removed all ads from the Internet and the only thing tying him to the house still was the for sale sign in the front yard of the residence.
He asked one of the people inquiring how they got his number and name and was told they got the address from a Craigslist ad and drove by to see the residence and saw his sign in the front yard. He viewed the ad on Craigslist and it pulled up pictures of the residence and also his real estate photo. He did not place the ad on Craigslist and did not give anyone else permission to do so. The suspect changed the email address and phone number. He believed the suspect was attempting to obtain cash or credit card information from potential renters. Craigslist flagged the ad and the deputy was unable to view it.