BRIGHTON — A series of low- and no-cost health screenings will be available Saturday, April 26, as Platte Valley Medical Center of Brighton hosts a 9Health Fair from 7 a.m. to noon.

Anyone 18 and older is encouraged to attend and take advantage of these tools that can help keep their health in check. Online registrations are now open via   

In addition to offering free and low-cost health screenings for issues such as heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, mental health and more, 9Health Fair offers six low-cost screenings including: 

• A blood chemistry screening for $30.

• A Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening for men, which checks for prostate gland issues and cancer – $25.

• A blood count screening, which checks the health of your blood – $15.

• A Vitamin D screening, which measures your baseline Vitamin D levels – $40.

• Hemoglobin A1C screening that gives you an average blood sugar level over the past two to three months – $25.

• Colon Cancer Screening Take Home Kit, which checks for colon cancer – $20.

Free screenings offered at the 9Health Fair include blood pressure, breast exams, oral, hearing and foot

Screening results are delivered within two to four weeks of the fair visit. Register online at and receive your results online in just two weeks.

Calls from volunteer doctors and nurses are made within 72 hours of a fair visit if a critical health issue is discovered. Free interpretation and translation services are offered, as well. No Social Security number or personal identification is required.

In preparation to have your blood drawn at a 9Health Fair, be sure to drink plenty of water, do not eat in the 12 hours before your visit (unless you are diabetic), and continue taking prescribed medication.  

PVMC is currently seeking volunteer medical professionals to administer the following screenings: eye health, prostate health, nutrition, diabetes risk assessment, metabolic syndrome screening, skin health, spinal health, pap smears and breast exams. Retired medical professionals and students enrolled in a medical program can also volunteer at any 9Health Fair site, with instructor supervision. Non-medical volunteers are needed to provide registration assistance and cashier services, while Spanish speaking volunteers are also necessary for on-site interpretation and translation.

Please call Peggy Jarrett at 303-498-3590 to volunteer or for more information on the 9Health Fair at PVMC. You can also visit or call 1-800-332-3078.