On Thursday, March 20, the Jeffco School Board seemed to finally put to rest the issue of the 2090 Wright St. property. During a special meeting, the board voted to end the lawsuit concerning the ownership of the property, with newly-elected Jeffco School Board members Ken Witt, Julie Williams and John Newkirk voting against continuing the suit.
“Every person who believes in responsive government should rejoice,” 2090 Coalition Co-Chair Heather Wenger said in a statement. “The newly-elected members of the Jeffco School Board have shown that they put students and the public ahead of special interests.”
The lawsuit started in 2012 and in January of this year, Judge Enquist ruled the property was Lakewood Open Space.
The cost of the lawsuit so far is around $250,000 for Jeffco Schools.
“The three new Jeffco School Board members have repaired the trust that the previous school board had broken with Jeffco residents,” Wenger said in her statement. “Now it is time for the City of Lakewood to apologize to neighbors for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to try to get rid of this parkland.”