The Jefferson County Board of Education held a study session, March 13, at the Jeffco School District Education Center, 1829 Denver West. Drive, Golden. Board members in attendance were President Ken Witt, Vice President Julie Williams, Second Vice President Lesley Dehlkemper, Secretary John Newkirk, and Treasurer, Jill Fellman.
During the meeting, the board heard an update on the 2014-2015 budget from district Chief Financial Officer, Lorie Gillis. The presentation highlighted figures for health care reform; transfers to other funds, such as money for the Colorado Preschool Program; Special Education; mobile readiness; compensation; free full-day kindergarten and more. At the end of the presentation, the board questioned and approved further exploration of budget line items, such as mobile readiness, athletic transportation and equipment, and Virtual Academy expansion costs while leaving others to be discussed at the next budget meeting.
The board then approved ten placements to the Community Representatives for the Performance Evaluation Council, or the 1338 Committee. In late February, the board announced an open application process for this committee, at which point administrators, educators, community members and district staff could apply to be a committee member.
The next board of education meeting is a special meeting held on March 20, and is a meeting between the board and the neighboring city councils and mayors.