If you hunt big game it is most likely you have said to yourself countless times, “I wish the state wildlife management people could see what I see” (regarding big game numbers, habitat or lack thereof).
Every five years there is a significant opportunity for those who faithfully hunt big game to be heard. As a matter of fact Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) strongly seek your input, knowledge, observations and perspectives on all issues impacting Colorado’s big game herds as that impact might help the Division set hunting seasons and harvest numbers and even the sometimes controversial “preference point” system.
During February and March the Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff and commission members will offer public meetings and other stakeholder forums throughout the state to hear from specifically from the hunting fraternity. More information regarding setting the coming 2015-2019 big game season process by the CPW can be accessed by searching “season structure” on the CPW website at http://cpw.stste.co.us or by emailing bgss@state.co.us.
The personal input and opinions offered in preparation for the next five years planning for Colorado’s big game seasons will not only assure those closest to the conditions that exist in the field become part of the ultimate policies, but we will know we are impacting one of Colorado’s biggest economic engines.
Big game hunting seasons account for nearly $1B in Colorado economic activity of one sort or another. A 2009 statewide study found the elk hunting alone pumps $295M into the Colorado economy and supports 3,400 jobs in the state. Not surprising when we are reminded Colorado has the largest number of elk of any state in the nation and some of the most attractive and productive variety of wildlife habitat and landscape.