After several attempts to find a play center for her son, Stacy Graham, decided to take matters into her own hands, and created a functional play center for children with sensory disabilities.
A Place 4 Me play center, LLP, 11651 W. 64 Ave., opened in early November as a place where children with sensory disabilities can play, learn and grow in a comfortable, welcoming environment.
“I heard from a lot of parents with children with autism that they’re afraid to go out in public, and they feel isolated, judged and get unsolicited advice,” Graham said, “I want them to feel good about bringing their kids here, no one is going to judge them.
Created to be a resource for families, Graham wanted A Place 4 Me to be somewhere she could take her son with autism and not feel isolated or shunned.
“It seems like when we go out to other places he is shunned by other kids and I wanted to create a place where kids with autism could come and be themselves,” she said.
A Place 4 Me offers children up to age 12 a place to interact with other children in a learning, yet entertaining environment. Using a form of education known as free play, the center offers an array of activities targeting cognitive and sensory skills. From ball pits and bounce houses to bubbling science projects, these activities encourage children to interact and engage, in ways they might not otherwise be able.
Signs describing why that particular activity is helpful or what it teaches children with disabilities are placed above each station.
While business is beginning to trickle in, Graham already aspires grow A Place 4 Me. One day she hopes to expand the play center in a larger space and incorporate more activities for families and children to enjoy.
The center costs $15 per child for two hours and is open at different intervals throughout the day, with drop-in times available. Call 720-771-1295 for an appointment or more information.