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“Overwhelming!”  That’s a reaction I often hear from my clients that are planning a new tile project.

If you haven’t checked out tile styles in a few years, you will be amazed at the explosion of choices that are available these days. But don’t let all this variety cause you stress. Instead, use this opportunity to create a space that reflects your personal style and is unique to your home or business.

When you hear the word “tile”, you probably picture a shiny white 4”x4” on a bathroom wall, or maybe a beige 12”x12” on a floor. Of course, these are still around, but so many more possibilities exist now. Sizes vary from tiny 3/8” mosaics to gigantic 24” stones. Materials can be made from ceramic, porcelain, metal, natural stone and glass. Tiles can also mimic other finishes, such as fabric, wallpaper and wood.  Shapes include rectangles, penny rounds, squares, hexagons, bricks, octagons – even bubbles! What color would you like? The rainbow is at your fingertips.

So – how to narrow down this myriad of possibilities?

Design magazines are always a reliable source, but don’t stop there. Begin by noticing your everyday surroundings – offices, stores, restaurants and hotels can be a treasure trove of ideas once you start looking. You’ll see tile everywhere; and the reason is that it is so versatile, durable and low maintenance.

New Trends

We receive new styles almost weekly in our showroom, and we’ve noticed some trends emerging. One of the hottest looks right now is large rectangular tiles that can be used on both floors and walls. The large format actually makes small rooms look bigger by eliminating many of the grout lines. They can be set vertically or horizontally, stacked straight or offset, with decorative accents or alone.

Traditional “subway” tile (think 3”x6” brick) has also made a big comeback as a retro look, but is available now in many new colors and finishes, from glossy to crackled to tumbled stone. Combine them with a glass or metallic accent to really jazz up your design.

Speaking of glass – it’s not just a fad. It’s constantly being updated with new designs and combinations and the price of glass tile has come down.  Accenting your project with glass mosaic is a great way to add that “pop of color” that transforms your space from blah to beautiful.

Since almost every tile at Colorado Ceramic Tile is available in several sizes and colors, we can customize a project to your particular room. We offer free design help in the showroom and lend free samples.

There are so many patterns and accents to choose from that no two rooms turn out exactly alike. And isn’t that really the point of having so much variety? 

Let us help you create a design that’s just perfect for YOU!