A Brighton man originally thought his vehicle was stolen Aug. 2 but it turned out it was towed like he originally wanted.
    The 38-year-old man told police the 1997 Geo Prism broke down about 9:30 p.m. near the new Big Lots store on South Kuner Road. He pulled into the parking lot to call his wife for a ride and call AAA for a tow. While he was waiting, a woman came up and asked him for a ride to Denver. She told him she had just been released from the Adams County Detention Facility. The man said his car was broken down and he couldn’t take her anywhere. He directed her to a nearby bus stop.
    An officer was in the parking lot later on a separate call when the tow-truck driver, who was unable to find the vehicle, contacted him. The owner of the vehicle told police he suspected the woman might have overheard him when he told AAA over the phone that he would leave the key of the vehicle under the visor and that she may have taken the vehicle. The vehicle was logged and stolen and police also confirmed that two female inmates were released from the Adams County Detention Facility around the time of the incident.
    However, police were informed the next day that the vehicle was not stolen and was towed as the man originally intended.