Reason: Jan. 13, 2010 article on the Teller Tea Party. Quote:
“the overall message was to be involved in the political process,
preferably Republican.” Also quote: the Chairman Dave Doll in a
rallying cry to the crowd, “Last year the
liberal-socialist-progressives made great strides in attacking our
liberty, our prosperity and our security.”

As you may guessed, I have a few things to say about this.
First, Mr Doll has basically excluded everyone except Republicans
in that cry! So, let’s label the Tea Party what it is, a Republican

Second, and most important, there is a note of hatred in the
tone of this rallying cry. At what point has America become so full
of total hatred for people who have different points of view? Our
country was founded on Democracy. That very term encourages the
citizens to make changes in our government without fear of violence
or hatred.

The majority rules, or at least, it is supposed to under this
country’s Constitution. It does not say Republicans rule or, those
who hate the majority rule, get the point?

Last November, the people of America stood up and showed they
were tired of losing our Constitutional rights, tired of cuts in
taxes for the ultra rich, tired of what the last years of a
Republican rule has done! The majority ruled! We are sorry if you
don’t agree with us.

We all have the right to voice our opinion. It is only my
suggestion to Mr. Doll that what our country needs the most right
now is voices that do not inspire hatred or accusations of
anti-American values just because the majority disagrees with your
point of view.

Can we all try to find our common bonds and work together to
bring our government to a better place? Our government is not
perfect now, just as it was not under any Republican rule. We are
stuck with dealing with that. Rather then lumping everyone who
disagrees into the “bad guys” category, lets just learn to work
toward compromise. This is what we all need right now.

Terri Hansen