The Diamond Shamrock gas station near central Castle Rock is
temporarily closed for remodeling, with plans to open its doors in
time for the summer rush.

The convenience store just west of Interstate 25 on
Wolfensberger Road on April 6 closed its doors for a six-week
remodeling project that will feature a “new shiny look” and an
expanded food program, said Tom Shea, manager of the Valero station
at 310 S. Wilcox Street.

Store officials aim to re-open Diamond Shamrock as Valero by
Memorial Day weekend, with fresh donuts and food prepared on-site,
Shea said.

While the Diamond Shamrock on Wolfensberger previously served
heated hot dogs, the new Valero will offer fresh donuts and
Kolaches, a baked dough stuffed with meat, created at Valero’s
Texas headquarters, Shea said.

Shea has noticed an increase in Valero customers since the store
on Wolfensberger closed for remodeling, primarily from Valero
credit card customers. The increase in customers could also be in
part because of the warmer weather, he said.

“It’s hard to tell how much is due to [the remodel] and how much
is the weather getting nicer and things are picking up overall,”
Shea said.