Many of the attendees at RTD board member Natalie Menten’s meeting on May 15 came away with good news about changes to bus routes due to the W Rail.

The 87X and 100X lines will be returning in slightly modified forms, joining the 116X line — which has already been restored by RTD.

Menten added that the 16X will also be seeing some improvements. Lines like the 2X, 5X and 6X will not return.

The changes must be approved by the RTD board before they are implemented.

The W Rail opened on April 26 to much fanfare, and while many are happy with the new lines, the changes it has created to several routes have caused no small amount of grief to some travelers.

Menten, who is board member of District M, which encompasses most of of Golden, Lakewood and Wheat Ridge, said she has been hearing daily from people unhappy about discontinuation or changes to lines like 5X, 87X and 100X.

Rep. Max Tyler (D-Lakewood) also attended the meeting, since he is on the transportation and energy committee in the House, and wanted to hear people’s thoughts.

“I’m at this meeting because of the changes that have occurred, that have added an extra 20 to 30 minutes, each way, to my commute,” said Shari Janata.

“It used to be a straight walk from my house to Kipling, and I was able to take a bus straight to the Civic Center. Now I have to get up earlier, catch a bus to the Federal Center, and then wait there for a bus to the Civic Center.”

The reinstatement of these lines is good news for riders like Janata, but they are still waiting for this decision to be approved by the RTD board, and to get the details of any changes that will be made.

“These changes came in part because of ridership, but also because of public input, so you need to keep it up,” Menten told the more than 80 attendees.

There is as RTD meeting at 5:30 p.m. on May 28, and that meeting is “going to be extremely important to attend,” she said.

For more information, contact Menten at 303-647-8900 or by e-mail at