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Letter: Block grants don't measure up


I am not being alarmist in saying that the proposed Medicaid "block grants" to states under the Paul Ryan plan to replace the Affordable Care Act will hurt our most vulnerable and defenseless citizens. Namely, the disabled and those who cannot care for themselves.

A block grant is a fixed amount of money. When the state receives it, the monies from that grant will go to Medicaid services. When it runs out, owing to emergencies, medical needs, provider care or any number of reasons, who's going to make up the difference?

Under the Ryan plan, the states will have to.

The Affordable Care Act provides Medicaid coverage for contingencies and unplanned emergencies for the disabled and those who cannot care for themselves.

Replacing the care it provides with block grants is not only careless, it will deny coverage to those who most need it.

William C. Thomas



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