election 2017

Q&As with the Douglas County School Board candidates


Douglas County School District Board of Education candidates for the 2017 election are listed below. Click on each candidate's name to learn more about their priorities, and stances on issues including the superintendent search and vouchers.

District B

Ryan Abresch

Anthony Graziano

District D 

Randy Mills

Chris Schor

District E

Kevin Leung

Grant Nelson

District G

Krista Holtzmann

Debora Scheffel


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Is there a shortage of teachers because of low pay in Douglas County? I doubt it. I know of a recent graduate with a teaching degree and he and several of his fellow teaching graduates couldn't even get an interview in Douglas County Schools. Their applications went unanswered. Apparently there are no openings to hire for and more applicants than the district can even be bothered with. It appears this “teacher pay” crisis is manufactured.

How about some real honest stats about openings and applicants? What would higher teacher pay accomplish beyond having higher paid teachers? Nothing, and there needs to be more honesty from the candidates on this subject. While we're at it how come there wasn't a question asking whether the candidate was ever in the teachers union or not?? I would like to know that and voters deserve to know the candidates affiliations.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

$300,000 from the national teachers union backing the anti-reform candidates. Any doubt in your the four Community Matters candidates will support reinstating the Union? And why does only one identify their political party membership? Is it because registering as a Democrat is the kiss of death In Douglas County?

Saturday, October 21, 2017
Tom Woodward

Bill, there are 22 open classified positions even now on the Douglas County Careers site. You anecdote is simply an anecdote and has no factual merit.

Suvkix, that $300,000 is significant less than the dark moneys to support the elevate platform. Do those donations mean the Koch Brothers are going to run our school system?

Thursday, October 26, 2017