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Colorado Community Media is excited to present the 2018 Cutest Engagement Story Contest. Tell us your story for the opportunity to win a honeymoom cruise provided by Premiere Contest Sponsor, Highlands Ranch Travel. 

With more than 30 entries, the winners of the Cutest Engagement Contest will be named at the Colorado Community Wedding Expo on Sunday, March 25, at 3 p.m.

The winning couple will win a 7-day Honeymoon Cruise provided by Highlands Ranch Travel.

The winning couple must be present to win. For ticket information, click here -

Some of the Entries include the following stories:

An unexpected proposal over ’60 Minutes’ and before ‘Golden Girls’

Carolyn Grinier

It was after 60 Minutes, and just before The Golden Globes, when Dennis came to sit with me on the couch. “Are you awake?,” he asked. “Sure.” I said. (60 Minutes wasn’t that compelling that Sunday and I might have dozed off.) He said, “I want to get married. Will you marry me?”

We’d known each other for three years and loved living together for a year and a half. We own our home jointly, and share concerns and joys about our kids and grandkids. We are well into the fourth half of our lives and had both have been married twice before. I bragged often that this relationship feels so solid and is so fun just as it is that I didn’t need to get married. Now here he was out of the blue, looking like someone’s grandpa, looking like my prince and adorable.

All I could think of was, “What can I possibly wear at 75 at my third wedding?”; And I said it out loud too. He laughed as he usually does at some of the things I say.

Oh, and then I said, “Yes”


Engaged by graveside

Chad Howard

We met almost eight years ago.  Instantly, I knew that she was something special.  Her being tattooed and dawning bright red hair, I still felt no shame in bringing her to do weekly lunches with my grandmother who, at the time, was living at a retirement community.  My grandmother loved her and was always so kind.  Unfortunately, my grandmother suffered a severe stroke and passed away before my future fiancé could say goodbye.

When I knew it was time to propose, I found the perfect ring that matched her love of vintage style and quiet elegance. I came to pick her up and in the car, and there was a bouquet of pink, (my grandmother’s favorite color) tulips.  “Are those for me?, she asked anxiously.  “Nope, they are PINK,” was my response.  She then knew something was up and we went.

We drove to where my grandmother was buried and arrived at the gravesite. We started talking to Grams about all of the things that have been happening in our lives. I got the courage up to say, “Grams, you were there to see my brother and my sister get married.  I wanted you to be here when I asked Mars to be my wife.” After I got down on one knee over my grandmother’s grave I asked, “Mars, will you marry me?”Just then, a beetle flew in the ring box and flew around Mars’ face, and proceeded to kiss her forehead.  After talking about it later, we realized that the beetle was Grams, checking out the ring and then giving Mars a kiss of approval. I’m sure she would’ve preferred a butterfly, though there wasn’t one near. Yes we became engaged in a cemetery, but it couldn’t have been more romantic.

A proposal over Dracula Ballet

Cheyanne Cooper

We were going on 8 years and I was very impatiently waiting. We had been through so much and are high school sweet hearts. He took me to see The Dracula Ballet. I love ballet. I always wanted to be a dancer. After the ballet was over, he asked me if I wanted to take a picture together, which caught me off guard because he hates taking pictures. I was confused because he was standing 3 feet away from me, and I couldn’t get him to come closer. When I looked over at him to see why he wouldn’t come closer he was down on one knee. There were hundreds of people around us because we were right outside the Elle Caukins Opera House and several shows were letting out at the same time. This was so exciting and overwhelming!

A proposal by mini-adventure

Teresa Dinh

He said, “I’m a simple guy who enjoys adventures, so I would love to share them with you. What do you say?” I took a leap and said, “Sure, I would love to take a mini-adventure with you.” The mini-adventure started with just one detail: the time. All else, including location and events, were hidden. Multiple mini-adventures later, I discovered the simple childlike wonders of life again.

One Sunday after church, a mini-adventure changed our lives. Jorge took me to 16th Street Mall. While passing D&F Clock Tower, a lady came out of the tower and asked Jorge: “Hey, are you James?”He said no. She said, “Oh! That’s too bad. James reserved a tour, but he didn’t show up. Would you like the tour instead? I looked at Jorge and shrugged, “why not?” 

The lady took us to the top floor and left. Weird, I thought, as old Jazz music played in the air. The place was nicely decorated with flowers, candles, chocolates, and even champagne. I told Jorge, “The skyscraper you’re working on across the street looks pretty at sunset, let’s take photos.” We took selfies everywhere.  A beautiful dinner was on a table. “I’m hungry, let’s eat it,” he said. I responded, “We can’t, this is other people’s food.” When Jorge brought out my favorite bottle from Castello Di Amoroso out of nowhere, I gave in and ate James’ food.  After eating, we danced. Then our song came on, ‘I Knew I Loved You’ by Savage Garden. I came to realization this wasn’t James’ event. Jorge kneeled down with a ring and asked me to take a grand adventure with him in marriage. My reaction was peaceful and calm, “Yes, honey, yes.” Jorge was probably expecting excitement, but his thoughtful mini-adventures made me immune to the element of surprise

A ring and an oyster farm

Kristen Hertzler

My fiancé, Phil, and I met in Boston, where he has lived his whole life, and I was living at the time. For one of our first dates, Phil purchased tickets for a tour of a local oyster farm where they teach you how they grow and farm them, and then take you out on a boat and teach you to shuck and eat a whole bag of oysters.  It was fantastic, being out on the water, enjoying great company and eating the freshest oysters. Over the last three years, we have had a variety of fun experiences scavenging all sorts of seafood in New England, but that trip was one of the best.

When I found a job back home in Colorado, he was super excited to come along with the condition that we have a final New England seafood hurrah before the big move.  Because he knew how much I loved our visit to the oyster farm, he purchased tickets again, but this time, we were the only two on the tour. The scheduling girl was super excited to see us, which I thought was a little weird, but she told us everyone else had cancelled last minute. Phil and the tour guide didn’t let on that anything was amiss. As we were finishing up on the boat, shucking oysters, Phil said, “Wow! This one is really weird.”

I was so busy shucking my own oysters, I barely noticed what was happening, until the tour guide said, “I’ve never seen one like that before.” I looked over to see Phil pulling an engagement ring out of an oyster shell. I couldn’t have been more surprised. I am definitely the luckiest girl I know, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.


Proposal by seashell

Lesley McDonald

Jason and I decided to get both of our families together for a fun beach day. When I arrived with my parents, he met us in the parking lot and came up with this story about how difficult parking was, and offered to hop in the car with my dad to help out while my mom and I found our way down to the beach. Little did I know, he took this opportunity to ask for my dad’s permission.

After we all got settled at the beach, Jason asked if I wanted to take a double-seat kayak out on the water. Jason and I both love to be out on the water and we often went paddle boarding and searching for shells and shark teeth while living in Florida, so I of course agreed to go with.

Once we got out to the sand bar, Jason put his mask on and dove into the water. The water was a bit chilly, so I opted to stay on the kayak for a few minutes before jumping in. Jason popped his head up and mentioned how many awesome shells were down there. I excitedly told him to go find some and bring them up to the kayak. Jason dove down and swam back up to the surface holding this beautiful clam shell. When he placed it on the kayak next to where I was sitting, I thought it was still alive. I said to him, “I think there’s something in it.” As Jason opened up the clam shell, I saw the beautiful ring inside. Still treading water and fighting his nerves, he asked, “Will you marry me?”

Flashmob at Union Station

I thought we just going downtown to eat at Snooze in Union Station. After we had breakfast, we sat down on one of the couches. After a few minutes a random guy handed me a single white rose and sat a Bluetooth speaker up on the table that was playing MJ- The way you make me feel. Then one at a time, strangers walked up to me handing me roses. 3 dozen! The last we’re given to me by our family members, who had been hiding around the corner! He got down on one knee and after I said YES, the whole Union Station was Cheering & clapping! ❤️ Video- search YouTube-

Engagement Union Station DEN.

Also, pretty amazing is that we were 50 at the time and knew each other in Junior High School ❤️


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