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Don’t ruin Crown Hill

As longtime residents of Jefferson County and Golden, we greatly appreciate and frequently use the various wonderful open spaces provided by Jefferson County. We especially appreciate the variety of habitats and terrain we find in the open space — elk pasture, forest, grassland, migratory bird resting station, hiking and horseback riding trails.

We feel the unique quality of Crown Hill Lake is threatened by the proposed urbanization developments. In particular we feel playgrounds and playground equipment are not an appropriate addition to this area which includes migratory waterfowl resting zones, summer songbird nesting areas, and springtime coyote and fox denning areas.

An important cause of human-wildlife conflict is the increased habituation of wildlife to humans, their pets, and their food sources

There are three other city parks within a mile of this unique area, to which parents can take their children for use of playground equipment, to throw frisbees and balls, to picnic, and to just plain run around.

The large lake at Crown Hill is a much-needed resting stop for migratory waterfowl, and is frequently visited by unusual stray birds, as well as being host to multiple species not found in other open space areas, much to the delight of birders. Migratory birds have ever fewer places to rest and replenish on their routes each year. Likewise, nesting birds, red-winged blackbirds, Swainson’s hawks, ducks and geese need spaces to nest and rear their young without large dogs running through their nesting plants, balls and frisbees being thrown at them, and their food sources being destroyed by landscaping practices.

We believe that the original intent of the creation of Open Space was the preservation of enclaves nature within our urban areas. No wild birds or animals will be comfortable with increased buildings and the screaming of children at a playground like the ones they already have at every school!

The existing trails and restrooms are just enough. Please do not model Crown Hill into another city park. Please do not add more structures to Crown Hill Lake Open Space.

Jim Wallace and

Jan Fargo


Thank you, Perlmutter and senators

I would like to publicly thank Rep. Ed Perlmutter for having the political courage to tackle the issue of gun violence. I would also like to thank Colorado senators Irene Aguilar, Lucia Guzman and Jessie Ulibarri for their votes against teachers being armed with guns. If someone burst into a classroom with an assault weapon and a large ammunition clip and started firing a teacher would not have time to retrieve a gun, which would hopefully be under lock and key. The partial answer to gun violence is a ban on assault weapons and large ammunition clips.

I heard a senator argue that a mother might run out of ammunition defending her children. When was the last time you heard of a mother saving her children with an assault rifle? How often to you hear of a person running off an intruder with an assault rifle? Probably never. When was the last time you heard that a weapon was used to kill a family member? A policeman? A neighbor? A shopkeeper? Probably yesterday or today. Let’s stop the fear mongering. Our society does not need the public owning assault weapons to defend their homes.

Carolee Koehn


Obama, please save our parks

I would like to thank President Barack Obama for acknowledging the environment during his inauguration speech. I, along with millions of Americans, have spent some of my most memorable trips in national parks. Each one has touched me in its own way and has woven its brilliant, but delicate, thread into my life. As a Coloradoan, I am proud of our magnificent landscapes and I am an unwavering defendant of our natural heritage.

Today, our parks face threats from drilling, fracking, and development. So I am begging Obama to be true to his promise and save our parks by fully funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).

It is up to us to ensure President Obama keeps his word to protect our environment. Will you call your representative and fight for our national parks?

Kristina Solheim


Good perspective

To columnist Michael Alcorn, thanks for such a thoughtful discussion of the gun debate. I agree that having fewer “gun-free” zones would help to reduce the number of maniacal attacks.

It is interesting to note that there are about 107 countries around the world with higher murder rates than the U.S and they all have 100 percent gun bans. Switzerland experiences virtually zero murders, and everyone is required to own a gun, maintain marksman qualifications and “carry.” You never hear about this.

Pat Phillips



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