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Rough ride

The city of Golden keeps changing our roads, putting in traffic circles, planter boxes, speed bumps, etc., but the newest one on downtown Ford Street, in my opinion, is one of the worst.

Ford Street has worked well as a four-lane for decades, and now it has been changed into a two-lane road starting at the bottom of the hill at 14th Street, which catches people off guard as the come into town. I have heard that it has been done to add bike lanes. Well, that is well and good, but in the five months since they did it, I have only seen a handful of cyclists on that stretch of Ford Street, but thousands of cars have used it. People coming north on Ford suddenly find themselves in the wrong lane and have to scramble to get into the outside lane before they are forced to turn left at 14th. Not a clever plan in my estimation.

I encourage the people who use this road to call the city and complain before they put in more dumb planters to try to make these changes more permanent.

Marilyn Willard