Why I do what I do... It’s a kid thing!


I love my job! I love what I do, I love where I do it, and most of all, I love who I do it for (I know, I am not suppose to end a sentence in a preposition, but it seems to work).

 So, with that kind of excitement, you are probably wondering what I do?

 I am the principal of Sedalia Elementary, a small Douglas County school serving approximately 340 kindergarten through sixth grade students and their parents and families. I love what I do because I get to work with and learn with kids every day.

 I have the privilege of serving and supporting each kid that walks through the doors of Sedalia. I have the privilege of serving and supporting the parents and families who give us the opportunity each day to make a difference for their children. I also have the privilege of serving and supporting an amazing group of educators who always keep students at the heart of our work, and I get to lead with a group of administrators in Douglas County who are second to none. I do what I do because of the kids.


At Sedalia, it is our collective belief that kids come first and are at the heart of all decision making and continuous improvement efforts. When it comes to kids, I believe that anything is possible. I believe kids want to learn and that all kids can learn. I believe   a student’s smile is the best indicator of student achievement.

 I believe that all kids are English language learners. I believe that challenges in education are opportunities and not excuses. I believe that a struggling learner is an opportunity to problem solve as educators, rather than someone else’s problem. I believe in collaboration and professional development as a means to improve our work with kids. I believe in building relationships with families so connections can be made with kids both in and out of school. I believe in honest communication and face to face problem solving.

 But most of all, I believe that doing whatever it takes for a kid really means that we will do whatever it takes for a kid, and that all kids can and will if we believe in them.

 I do what I do as a principal because of kids. I believe in public education, and I believe that being an educator is the greatest job in the world! I love being the principal of Sedalia Elementary because of the kids, and I love working in Douglas County because of the kids.

 See, it is a kid thing!


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